Zelenka with the puppies at 6 weeks.

Zelenka and Amirál puppies

I'm so happy to announce that on the 15th of September 2021 our sweet Amirál has become the proud father of a litter of 6 beautiful boys. Anne-Lise Maaby from kennel Zivotny's in Norway is the proud breeder. These puppies are from the best Czech lines.

Kamil 6 weeks

Kozich 6 weeks

Karim 6 weeks

Kovar 6 weeks

Kleio 6 weeks

Karel 6 weeks (reserved)

Pappa Cerny is very proud of his two juniors ❤️. This weekend they were on a show in Billund. Fiona got both days excellent, res. cac and junior cac 😃❤️. Eddie was only present one day and got excellent, cac, junior cac and was best junior 😃❤️. Huge congratulations to the breeder and owners 😍😍

Eddie in Billund nov. 2019. CAC, Jr. CAC, best junior

Fiona Billund nov. 2019. 2xJr. CAC

Stardust Cartier (Cerny) and Scotsman's Dodo are the proud parents of these two beautiful pups. They have both found their perfect home ❤

Ganny and Fiona 6,5 weeks. They are so cute and funny. Fiona weighs 1780 gr. at Ganny 1740 gr.

The cuties 4,5 weeks. Left boy 1145 gr. right girl 1255 gr.

Little boy 24 days - 892 gr.

Little girl 24 days - 975 gr.

The pups 24 days. Male on the left

Little boy 17 days - 604 gr. - FOR SALE

Little girl 17 days - 668 gr. - RESERVED

Little boy 5 days

Little boy 5 days old

Little girl 5 days old

The little ones, born 21/2-19

boy to the left and girl to the right, sleeping with their mother

Puppies in Denmark

Scotsman's Dodo

Today 21/2-19 Cerny has a new title, he is father of 1 girl and 1 boy. Mother is Scotsman's Dodo owned by Kirsten Toftkjær. We are very happy ❤